Superstar Interview Secrets

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You don't have to be the ‘expert' when you can leverage the expertise of others.

Sometimes, you don't have enough content, knowledge or expertise on your own.  That's why being the interviewer is a valuable skill, especially for podcasts.  People love being interviewed, they'll share it with their audience and you can even package a bunch of interviews together to sell as a product! You'll learn:

  • How to leverage guests for your podcasts, create powerful business alliances and tap into new audiences
  • How to be a great host and find the right balance between you, your listeners and your guest
  • Discover the secret of the three E's and what people are actually looking for
  • Monetize your podcast by simply recommending things you love
  • PLUS BONUSES to help you get more traffic with the power of guest blogging, get into traditional media with undercover reporter hacks and grab your interview request templates!

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